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The Interactive Modular Software Synthesizer

Release notes of current and previous versions

Changes from 1.16rc1 to 1.17:

   - This version of Synfactory is released under the GNU software licence.
     SynFactory is now free software (see file 'Copying' in the archive for more info).

Changes from 1.15 to 1.16rc1:

   - Can load and play 669, DI, MOD (4, 6 and 8 channel), MTM, OKT, STM module files.
   - Fixed detection routine for lame-encoder.
   - Bugfix shift+F1 now works as expected (showing editor help instead of module help).
   - Changed button-bar draw routine, so it correctly handles theme color settings.
     Also made the play controls the same size as the cable-color buttons.
   - New anti-alias algorithm used for Saw-wave in OSC and MOS modules.
   - Config panel controllable with keyboard (TAB and cursorkeys)
   - Interface to SF_DSOUND.DLL for directSound support.
   - Added snap to grid option to edit menu for positioning modules.
   - Joystick has it's own thread, so realtime audio behaviour should be better in situations where joystick used.
   - New modules:
     - Added MODTRK - MOD/MTM/S3M compatible track
   - Additions to modules:

Changes from 1.14 to 1.15:

   - Can generate capture file in MP3 format (interface to lame_enc.dll).
   - Help pages removed from executable and put in seperate file (easier to update).
   - Connect cables in patch editor by drag&drop
     (click on output, drag mouse and relase mouse button above an input).
   - 3 new colors available for patch cables.
   - New 3d-look for virtual pots and some other graphic cleanups
   - Added helppage which describes the menus
   - Uses doublebuffering to eliminate flashing of the audio scopes
   - Audio settings now moved to a new settings window with more options
   - Position of mainwindow is stored in autoload.syn
   - Basic support for MIDI input added: Control-Change messages and monophonic notes.
   - New modules:
     - Added M-CC1 - Midi input for Control Change messages (Group1)
     - Added M-CC2 - Midi input for Control Change messages (Group2)
     - Added M-NOTE - Midi input for Note messages
     - Added JOYSTICK - Control upto 6 values at the same time with an external joystick.
     - Added PANOUT - Output with panning and volume control (will be used for mod-loading)
     - Added SCOPE - 4 channel scope
   - Additions to modules:

Changes from 1.13 to 1.14:

  - Bugfix in SCRIPT module. 'J' and 'M' commands would be confused when label was at end of a line.
  - Bugfix after stupid mistake, which killed correct clipboard support in 1.13
  - New modules:
    - Added Switch - 2 output signal switch (no online help yet)
    - Added Switch - 4 output signal switch (no online help yet)
    - Added Switch - 8 output signal switch (no online help yet)
    - Added Switch - 16 output signal switch (no online help yet)

Changes from 1.12 to 1.13:

  - Bugfix in TRIG module, one-shot is now turned off when T-Off is 0 or lower.
  - Bugfix in 3, 5 and 7 input logic OR module. Inactive state now defined as 0 not as -32768.
  - Bugfix in save routine. Console-mixer AUX channel settings were
    mixed-up, when saving a patch when one or more AUX-modules were deleted.
  - Bugfix better support for 16 and 256 color VGA displays (prevent dithering).
  - Pause button now works as a toggle switch (pressing again when paused, will unpause playback).
  - Audio scope window is now resizable.
  - Keyboard short-cuts for adding modules are shown in popup menu.
  - Added online help for following modules: AND, OR, XOR, NOT, BIN, Pulsar, DeMux.
  - New modules:
    - Added SCRIPT - Script controlled note player
    - Added BETWEEN - Window comparator
    - Added AHD - Attack/Hold/Decay envelope generator

Changes from 1.11 to 1.12:

  - Bugfix in online help display routine. Sometimes text was placed under scrollbar.
  - Bugfix in TRIG module, logic low on output is now defined as 0 (was -32768).
  - Bugfix cloning of DRUM modules now also copies drum pattern matrix.
  - Bugfix copying and pasting of DRM modules will no longer crash SynFactory.
  - Current filename and path is stored between restarts (in autoload.syn).
  - Added about-box.
  - Added online help for following modules: ADD, SyncDelay.
  - New modules:
    - Added SineBank - Multiple octave Sine wave oscillator
    - Added AUX - Mixer console Aux-send
    - Added RET - Mixer console stereo Aux-return
  - Additions to modules:
    - Added one-shot output to TRIG module.

Changes from 1.10 to 1.11:

  - Bugfix Ctrl+O shortcut now updates window title correctly.
  - Bugfix DRM modules are now visible in the popup menu.
  - Added stereo mixer window (with panning and volume sliders).
  - New modules:
    - Added CON - Mixer console mono channel
    - Added CON - Mixer console stereo channel

Changes from 1.01 to 1.10:

  - Bugfix Cloning multiple objects will also copy the connections between them.
  - Bugfix In playmode stop, all oscillators and counters are reset. All delaylines are emptied.
  - Bugfix 'DSP engine buffer size' setting is saved and restored on next startup.
  - Change to DSP engine saves up to 10% CPU power (actual savings depend on CPU type).
  - Added seperate playback control window with VU meters
  - Added Online help function. (Select module and press F1)
  - Added support for clipboard (Cut, Copy, Paste and selectAll).
  - Added cable color selection buttons on toolbar.
  - Ctrl+D shortcut for Clone object(s). When cloning objects the new copies will be selected.
  - Ctrl+O shortcut for Open
  - Ctrl+S shortcut for Save
  - New modules:
    - Added DRM - 16 steps drum pattern with 4 or 8 outputs (and binary inputs)
    - Added OUTS - Stereo output with surround sound support
    - Added PAN - Panning control
    - Added AND modules with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 inputs

Changes from 1.00 to 1.01:

  - Bugfix Shortcuts will now place object at the current mouse-cursor position.
  - Bugfix in Pulsar module, Div 7 output didn't work correctly.

Changes from 0.99 to 1.00:

  - Bugfix in redraw routine when changing potvalue (now only redraws current module).
  - Bugfix in buttonbar routine. Disabling the buttonbar had strange effects.
  - Multiple object selection with CTRL key is possible. (modules can now be moved or deleted in groups)
  - Changed all logic modules (again!). Output now 0 to 32767 so its consistent with FF modules.
  - CNT is renamed to Pulsar.
  - Added keyboard shortcuts for the most used modules.
  - Added dynamic resizing of modules with + and - keys. (Works for ADD and OR modules)
  - New modules:
    - Added TRIG - Delayed trigger/gate module
    - Added BIN - 8 bits binary counter
    - Added SW1, SW2, SW3 and SW4. Binary controlled signal switches (with 2, 4, 8 or 16 inputs).
    - Added DeMux - 1 to 2, 2 to 4, 3 to 8 or 4 to 16 demultiplexer
    - Added SwiMux - Clockable demux & switch (select 1 of 8/16 inputs and provide 8/16 gate-outputs for control)
    - Added FF1 - Set/Reset flipflop with toggle input
    - Added FF2 - JK-master/slave flipflop
    - Added OR modules with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 inputs

Changes from 0.98 to 0.99:

  - Added generation of logfile (providing detailed information during error conditions)
  - Added Insert/Merge load file
  - Added Cable color selection in Edit-menu (Possible colors are red, green, blue and yellow)
  - Optimisation in main DSP loop saves 15% CPU power.
  - Every RND module (or OSC in Random mode) now has its own noise generator, making the modules independed of each other.
    - Also increased the randomness of the noise source, less artifacts are present in the spectrum.
  - Added some basic Anti-aliasing to Saw and Pulse wave forms of the oscillators (both OSC and MOS).
  - Changed appearance of toolbar and fixed a bug in disabling the toolbar.

  - Window focus bugfix (closing/hiding a supportwindow will reactivate mainwindow)

Changes from 0.97 to 0.98:

  - Buffering size of DSP system can be set (256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16386) * 5 buffers
  - Added Output Scope display window
  - OSC has 'Hz' display
  - New modules:
    - Added 8 steps sequencer
    - Added BIT module
    - Added Clippy module
    - Added Split module
    - Added MMF - Multi Mode filter (12,18,24 dB/Oct)

  - Changed all logic modules (AND,OR,XOR,NOT). Output now -32768 to 32767 (so they can be used to gen. audio)
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