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This page requires canvas support in your browser.
Tiny-Diamonds is a game similar to BoulderDash, but there are a few differences. This particular version can be played in your browser (The windows version can be downloaded here). Your main character is called Rockford. His task is to collect enough diamonds to open the gate to the next world. Try to solve all the puzzles and complete all the levels. Don't let anything fall on your head!

Use your cursor keys to move Rockford. Hold either Shift, Ctrl or Space before pressing any cursor key to pick-up a diamond (or clear dirt) without moving. You can also use the Shift, Ctrl or Space to restart the level if your main character has been killed.

Press the Escape key to retry when you get stuck.

The N key skips to the next level.

Have fun!

PS: This HTML port of the game still needs some work on the graphics side. It is functional otherwise though and fully playable.

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